5th Balkan Masters Indoor Championships (BAMACI 2020) organized by Association of Serbian Master Athletes and the Athletic Federation of Serbia.

The competition will be in accordance with the IAAF Athletic regulations 2018-2019, WMA Athletic regulations 2018-2020, EMA European Championship regulations, Statues by the Balkan Masters Athletics (BAMA) and these propositions made by BAMACI 2020 Organizing Committee.

BAMACI officiating by judges from Serbia

The Competition Director is the executive body


The competition will be held on March 7-8, 2020 in Belgrade at the Athletic Hall, Bulevar Oslobođenja bb.

More detailed description of locations including maps, photos and competition schedule are available on the website: www.bamaci2020.rs.

Time table

Time table is on the Championship website www.bamaci2020.rs/bamaci/news/preliminary-schedule/


BAMACI 2020 is an open type and consists of :

  • Individual competitions for participants from BAMA member countries
  • Individual competitions out of competition for participants from other countries

Applications and registrations

Registration can be done only as a group registration by country team leader. Sign up for Individual competitions will be able to do until February 10th  2020, after this date registrations WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE! The application will not be recognized if are not paid registration fee until February 15th 2020.

Sign up for Relay 4×200 until February 15th 2020 without competitor name, therefore only teams in a certain age category.

Example: male 35, female 35.

The names of the competitors for the relay are submitted no later than 24 hours before the race, and the last change will be possible no later than 3 hours before the start of the discipline on the day of the competition.

Registration for long throws shall be made at the registration of all competitors on the separate list until February 15th  2020.

The competition fee is payable at the Athletic Hall no later than 2 hours before the start of the discipline.

Going out into the field for long throws will be only with the judge and accreditation people from BAMACI.

For proper registration, each competitor or team leader, who submits the application must provide the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Disciplines

Applications without complete information will not be accepted!

The age group is determined as a competitor according to WMA Athletic regulations 2018-2020, Articles 141.1 and 141.2. During the competition, the athlete only competes in the age category in which he is on the first day of the competition.

For each disciplines it is desirable to enter the best result achieved in 2019. This is not mandatory information, but in the absence of this information, the athlete may receive a group or track that doesn’t match his / her result value.

At BAMACI 2020, the participant can register for up to 2 disciplines per day plus the relay.

Registration of competitors

Each national federation participating in the competition is required to provide the LOC with a name and contact information (email, telephone) for his team leader by January 15th, 2020 at the latest.

The team leaders must deliver the completed application for the competitors to the LOC by February 5th, 2020 and also payment confirmation no later than February 15, 2020!

Payment details (bank account, SVIFT code) will be provided directly by LOC to all team leaders.

The team leader should provide to the LOC a summary table containing all registrations.

These tables (with registration applications) will be realized by completing the Form provided by the LOC to the team leaders.

The transfer and processing of data into the system will bee done automatically and because of this reason the registration applications in other formats (non-standard or free text) it can lead to the failure of registering athletes. In that case if it happens, is not in the competence of the LOC.


Registration of competitors from Serbia

Competitors from Serbia will send their applications directly to the LOK by e- mail veteranisrb@bamaci2020.rs

Registration of foreign competitors outside the Balkans

Competitors self-apply using the form available on the Championship website – Other than Balkan Countries.

They need to submit information and make payment by February 15th, 2020!

Payment information:

Bank: AGRIFRPP – Credit Agricole Paris       
Bank address: Credit Agricole Serbia AD, Novi Sad      
IBAN: RS35330007070000015886       
Beneficiary address: Strahinjića Bana 73a, Belgrade, Serbia         
The purpose of payment: BAMACI 2020       

Registration fee for BAMACI 2020:

Registration fee/Competition fee

Description Value Remarks
Registration fee 20€     Registration and one discipline
Every next discipline 5€
Registration fee for relay 10€
Tax for  Anti-doping control 1€ All competitors pay
Followers 5€ Accreditation for entering to the tribune
Gala dinner 7.3.2020. 15€ At the official hotel on Saturday night. Seats are limited

*In some countries, an additional fee is required to pay through a bank. Please calculate this fee at your own expense. The organizer must receive through the bank the total amount of registration fees, which is not reduced by the bank expenses.

Conditions for competition

On BAMACI 2020 can compete athletes born before March 7th , 1985 who are physically fit. All athletes must respect the athletic rules, as well as these propositions, set by the technical and organizing committee of the competition.

LOC BAMACI 2020 has the right to refuse applications for athletes because of discipline measure.

141.2. The competition is held in the following age categories:

Categories Date of birth
M-F 35 07.03.1980. – 06.03.1985
M-F 40 07.03.1975. – 06.03.1980
M-F 45 07.03.1970. – 06.03.1975
M-F 50 07.03.1965. – 06.03.1970
M-F 55 07.03.1960. – 06.03.1965
M-F 60 07.03.1955. – 06.03.1960
M-F 65 07.03.1950. – 06.03.1955
M-F 70 07.03.1945. – 06.03.1950
M-F 75 07.03.1940. – 06.03.1945
M-F 80 07.03.1935. – 06.03.1940
M-F 85 07.03.1930. – 06.03.1935
M-F 90 07.03.1925. – 06.03.1930
M-F 95 07.03.1920. – 06.03.1925

Two or more categories can compete together, but the placement is determined separately for each.

Correction of applications / registration

The LOC must be notified of any changes related to competitor registrations prior to the March 6, 2020 Technical Meeting. These changes refer to corrections of personal data of already registered athletes.

New registrations will not be accepted, as will a change in discipline for registered competitors. No changes will be approved after the Technical Meeting, as detailed.

The start lists will be posted on the competition website at least 2 (two) days before the start of the competition. The team leader or competitor must confirm their appearance at the Technical Meeting at the latest. The registration fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation or absence of competitors.

Competition packages

Set with competitors start numbers LOC will sent to the team leaders according to their registration lists. Athletes need to be in touch with their team leaders in order to get their starter packs from him. Competitors out from Balkan countries themselves take the starting numbers at the Accreditation Center in the Athletics Hall.

Technical meeting

The technical meeting will be organized on March 6th, 2020 at the Conference Room at Athletics Hall, street Bulevar Oslobodjenja bb at 7:00 PM.

Technical Information Centre (TIC)

TIC is located in the Hall next to the track.

In the TIC:

Forwarding information

Publication of official results


TIC working hours are one hour before the start of the first discipline and one hour after the last discipline on March 7 and 8, 2020.

Starting numbers

All competitors will receive two numbers, which should be worn on the front and back of the jersey, except for jumpers they wear one number – on the chest, or back.

Additional start numbers, with country marks, will be shared to the relay competitors at the Reception Centre just before the race.

These numbers are required regardless of whether the state name is marked on the athlete’s equipment.

Starting numbers can’t shelter, damage or change. If that happens it can lead to exclusion of competitors from the competition

All athletes must compete in their national team jerseys.

Warm up

The warm-up area is located below the tribune in the Hall. Warm-up on the truck is not allowed. Athletics who not respect this role can be disqualified from competition.

The changing rooms are located below the tribune of the Hall.

Call room centre

All competitors must register at the Reception Centre according to the following schedule:

Discipline: Opening call room centre (minutes) Closing call room (minutes) Entering on the truck (minutes)
Running 30 20 10
High jump 60 50 40
Pole vault 80 70 60
Other disciplines 50 40 30
Relays 35 25 15

The judges at the reception centre will check the athletes’ equipment and numbers for the competitors. Competitors who do not show up on time at the Reception Centre will not be allowed to compete.

Pyramidal nails of a maximum length of 6 mm are permitted, except for high jump and a pole vault with a diameter not exceeding 12 mm.

All competitors will be escorted to the competition by accredited persons


The commands for the start will be in English.

Athletes can start from a low or high start that will be their choice.

Athletes who make the wrong start twice in one race will be disqualified after the second wrong start.


During the competition, timing wills be electronic metering and photo-finish.

Vertical jumps

If one competitor in the category remains in the competition, he or she has the right to raise the bar of his choice, according to the IAAF Rules, although in the other age category, the competitors still jump at predetermined heights.

Horizontal jumps

Will be marked more than one line for jump.

Throwing devices

Use of personal devices is allowed. They must be submitted for measurement at the Call room centre no later than 30 minutes before the competitors enter the call room Centre.

Measuring devices will be next to TIC

Vaulting pole- technical manager


The categories for both gender in the relays range from 5 years to 35, 40, 45,50, 55, 60, 65, 70 to 75+. The final composition of the registered relay shall be made by the team leader no later than 3 (three) hours before the relay race starts.

One state may apply for multiple relays in the same age category. After the race, only the best relay from one country is declared, and all others will be automatically classified as non-competing (VK).

Protests and complaint

Commission for complaints will decide for all complaints. LOC will appoint jury of appeal. The appeal must be filed no later than 30 minutes after the official results are published.

The appeal fee is € 100. If the appeal is rejected, the money will be kept as a registration fee

Victory ceremony

Victory ceremony will be at Athletics Hall on the designated place

According to VC timing table, which will be published on the BAMACI 2020 website?

If the athlete is unable to attend the proclamation, he/she may ask the LOC to instruct him / her how to pick up a medal / diploma.

Doping control

On the competition will be people from doping control

If an athlete refuses to do anti-doping test, he/she will automatically be disqualified from all disciplines of the competition, and the incident will be notified to the national federation, the Balkan, European and World Federation.

If a person requests a doping test for any competitor, he or she must pay a fee of 450 Euros per test in advance.

Medical service

During the competition, the LOK will provide emergency medical assistance. Emergency calls to 194 – Emergency – can also be used.

By participating in the competition, athletes accept all the health risks involved. The LOK or any other organizational unit is not responsible for any injury or impairment of the health of any athlete, or for lost personal items during the competition..

By participating in the competition, each athlete agrees that there are no financial claims or any other type of claim, and they agrees that the LOC may use photographs or videos taken during the competition. We will use them only for promotion Master Athletes.